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Vtexture DSO shadeop

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ver 2.0 (Free Demo)

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Оглавление документа

Vtexture stands for Vector Texture. It is a DSO shadeop for renderman-compliant renderers which reads in Bezier path descriptions from Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS) files and then allows a renderman shader use this data sample-by-sample, as a regular texture. In other words, it rasterizes paths, regions and gradients “on-the-fly” using currently appropriate resolution, with no detail degradation.

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What renderers are supported?

Vtexture was successfully tested with Windows and Linux / Intel? versions of 3Delight, AIR, Aqsis, BMRT and Prman. Quite probable other renderman-compliant renderers will happily work with it as well. Mental ray shader with the same functionality is under development.

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What kind of AI/EPS files will work?

Just any unless it is “compressed” or “binary”. Texts should be converted to curves. Any contained or placed bitmaps won't work. Although the only available official AI file spec covers AI version 7 and earlier, every attempt was made to be sure the later version files were interpreted properly. Gradient fills became the hardest part. So far I don't feel absolutely safe about them. In quite rare cases I'd recommend the user to do some experimenting saving the file in several different versions.

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What's new in version 2?

From a shader writer's point of view, this version is NOT any different from the previous one. It's still the same shadeop consisting of 6 polymorphic versions, but the internal code architecture has been seriously revamped.

  • With introducing tessellation cache overall performance has increased at least twice. The more complex your texture the more significant the difference. Some tests give 7x speedup.
  • Many internal parameters, previously inaccessible, can be controlled now by editing configuration file named vtexture.ini
  • Native Illustrator's linear and radial gradient fills are now fully supported.
  • Multithreading is supported for both Windows and Linux versions (tested with AIR 2.09)

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Current version doesn't support:

  • Multi/single layer clipping paths
  • Pattern fills/strokes
  • Non-solid strokes
  • Stroke join and cap styles other than round (miter joins look impractical due to possible rendering slowdown caused by sudden expanding of bounding boxes at acute joins). Fortunately you can use Adobe Illustrator to convert miter join style strokes to outlines before rendering.
  • Winding rules (non-zero and even-odd) conformance
  • Texts (if not converted to outlines)
  • Any kind of contained or placed bitmaps

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Rendering speed and image quality

According to very early estimates, vtexture() calls should be several times more expensive in terms of CPU clocks than the usual RSL texture() ones and be dependent on the texture complexity. The latter is true, but smart clipping coupled with adaptive reusable tessellation allow to reduce CPU load dramatically. Depending on the complexity of the scene and the texture, rendering time difference «vtexture() vs texture()“ usually ranges from “the same” to «20–40% slower”. Edge antialiasing with user-selectable parameters like filter type and number of samples gives excellent image quality.

regular texture animation vs vector texture animation.

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Distribution and liability

Vtexture binaries are for Windows and Linux / Intel. This demo version may be used for no charge. It has exactly the same functionality as the production one except for a countdown delay in the SHADEOP_CLEANUP() function. Production version will be available soon, probably for a small fee. Prices and other info will be announced later. Source code is not distributed. The author is not responsible for possible money, health, time and any other loss the program may cause.
Download the latest demo version here:

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About the author

Alex Segal (alexander.segal at gmail dot com) lives now in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 1995 he wrote a freeware .3ds to .rib converter

The idea to use vector textures in RSL shaders via DSO shadeop first appeared on in Alexey Puzikov's posting (inspired by work of John Haddon and Ian Stephenson).

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Legal notices

The Render Man® Interface Procedures and RIB Protocol are: Copyright 1988, 1989, Pixar. All rights reserved. Render Man® is a registered trademark of Pixar. Other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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