Назначение – программа для коллективной работы
Разработчик – Компания Tikibot
Операционные системы – Web / Flash

Категории: Soft | Commercial

Studiopass will be unveiled on 12.12.2010

Using any flash enabled web browser with internet connection, participants can view 1080p video playback, utilize real time collaborative video scrubbing, voice and video chat, drawing on frame and blogging comments to efficiently eliminate the possibility of misdirection.

Studiopass is customizable with a full feature set of accepted file formats. All popular movie files, audio files and industry standard image files including DICOM medical imagery are supported. Hospitals, advertizing agencies, architects, learning institutions will all benefit with real time collaboration. Upload any supported file format and watch it appear onscreen to be viewed and commented on instantly.



Категории: Soft | Commercial