Dr. PICTURE Studio has been successfully working in the field of computer graphics for a long time.

Dr. PICTURE was founded in 1996 as a result of a reorganization within the well known company, Render Club, a pioneer in the field of computer graphics in Russia. The studio’s founders are Vladimir Leschinski, Sergey Denisov, and Andrei Nikitin. Today, the studio employs the best specialists in 3D computer animation. Dr. PICTURE is responsible for the most prestigious commercial projects in Russia involving 3D characters, including M&M’s and Pepsi / Irn? Bru. Our studio is also actively involved in film work, and our projects range in scope from cleaning and retouching to complicated visual effects.

Among Dr. PICTURE’s clients are the leading international advertising agencies — BBDO Marketing, Propaganda Ogilvy, Leo Burnett & Moradpour, United Campaigns Publicis, and Ark Thompson. We work with such well known companies as Procter & Gamble, Mars, Unilever, Wriggley’s, and Pepsi.

Among our partners and friends are talented directors, screenwriters, composers, and artists. When fulfilling a client request, we always make it our goal to achieve the best possible result.

Фильмы (VFX)

  • Смерш 2? (2008)
  • АССА 2? (2008)
  • Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium? (2007)
  • Generation P? (2007)
  • Параграф 78? (2007)
  • Мертвые Дочери? (2007)
  • Волкодав? (2007)
  • Дневной Дозор? (2006)
  • Бой С Тенью? (2005)
  • Ночной Дозор? (2004)




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