Назначение – GPU рендер
Разработчик – Новороссийск / Калифорния компания CentiLeo.
Операционные системы – ???
Статус – закрытое тестирование

Категории: Soft | Commercial

Our technology
The key idea behind Centi Leo development is photorealistic interactive rendering of huge 3D content on a cheap personal computer, desktop or even laptop. A lot of older rendering systems have limitations, they can be too slow, limited photorealism, they may support just some moderate complexity geometry and textures (due to device limitations). A lot of talented artists are forced to buy expensive computers and sometimes it is so expensive that they have a wall of restrictions: they can't render a lot of content, or they can't render fast, or they can't be as creative as they should be! They are forced to optimize their 3D worlds, freedom of imagination, creative ideas, time and money.
That's why we are developing a high-end rendering system Centi Leo substantially optimizing basic rendering tasks which might help in VFX Movie or CAD production. Centi Leo provides the services of photorealistic ray tracing, support for all kinds of input animating geometry, unlimited textures, programmable shaders. Centi Leo supports geometry files with hundreds million unique polygons which can be arbitrarilly animated, including deformation and explosion with changing topology. The amount of textures mapped to geometry is limited by disc capacity. And all of this together works interactively on consumer desctop PCs or laptops.

We already support a lot of rendering features. All our future features must interactively service the highest demands of VFX Movie and CAD production using consumer computers. Help 3D artists and producers to visualize their challenging ideas without delays.
Future release versions should provide with the tools which will allow:
– support non-polygonal geometry representations
– reach the highest level of image photorealism
– setup own standalone graphics rendering applications
– integrate our individual accelerated rendering stages into existing solutions



Категории: Soft | Commercial