The Aeroplane Production Company, with headquarters in Moscow, Russia, specializes in the production of cultural and commercial projects that feature high quality animation. Aeroplane's mission is to produce projects that are not only profitable for the company's investors and stockholders but projects that educate, entertain and motivate people to solve some of the urgent problems facing us today.

Currently airing in prime time on Russia's Channel One, Aeroplane's production of “Gem Mountain”, is an example of the company's mission accomplished. The series, coordinated by Aeroplane's founding partner Pilot Animation Studios?, is a collection of animated folk tales drawn from and celebrating the diverse nationalities and cultures of Northern Eurasia. “Gem Mountain” is the largest animation project that has ever been undertaken in Russia with 27 x 13 minute episodes already complete and production continuing on what will be more than 100 episodes in total. The series, called both a breakthrough and a renaissance in Russian animation by critics, is also being enthusiastically received by the public and contributing to the improvement of intercultural and international understanding and relations. “Gem Mountain” has already garnered numerous film festival prizes including Russia's National Prize, “The Golden Eagle” in 2005.

Aeroplane Production's latest projects involve building and launching multi-platform brands for the international market that move beyond the borders of animation and into the spheres of computer games, feature films, Internet and mobile phone content, educational television programming, books, magazines, toys, and more.


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